Opinion Dynamics will be presenting on a wide range of topics at this year’s International Energy Program Evaluation Conference (IEPEC) located in Baltimore, MD.  Please look for us at the following events and presentations:

August 7th 6:00-7:30

Join us as we host Monday Night’s Opening Reception

August 8th


Antje Flanders

Financing or Incentives: Disentangling Attribution

11:00-12:30, Session 1A

Stef Wayland

How Much of that Savings is Really Attributable to the Program?

11:00-12:30, Session 1A

Ann Speers (Presented by Aimee Powelka, Eversource)

National Review of Community Based Energy Efficiency Program: Finding Transferable Insights Across Unique Program Designs

11:00-12:30, Session 1B

Tami Buhr

Plugging the Holes in Leakage: Methods for Calculating the Leakage into Upstream Residential Lighting Programs  3:45-5:15, Session 3B

The Impact of Survey Incentives and Survey Mode on Response Rates 6:30-8:00 Poster Session

Sharyn Barata

Customer Data: Best Ways to Get it and Use It

3:45-5:15, Session 3B (Session Moderator)

Brad Kates

Planners Do It, Implementers Do it, Even Evaluators Should Do It: Utilizing Segmentation to Assess Program Performance

3:45-5:15, Session 3B

Kai Zhou

The Keymaker, Opening the Door to Energy Data Possibilities

6:30-8:00, Poster Session

August 9th 


Ellen Steiner

Driving ZNE to Scale 3:45-5:15, Session 3B

Changing Demographics: A Research Odyssey 6:30-8:00 Poster Session

Zach Ross

Painting the Whole Picture: Understanding the Impacts of Energy Efficiency Using Cost-effectiveness Testing and Economic Impact Assessments

8:30-10:00, Session 4B

Alan Elliott

Getting the Right Ingredients: A Framework for Enhancing ME&O Evaluation

8:30-10:00, Session 8C

Katherine Randazzo

Evaluating Whole-Building Programs: It is harder and easier than you think!

1:00-2:30, Session 6A

Eric Ziemba

Cleaning Up the Mess of Billing Data: An Investigation of Differences in Billing Analysis Results Caused by Data Cleaning Methodologies

1:00-2:30, Session 6C

Olivia Patterson

When You Can’t Go for the Gold: What is the best way to evaluate a non-RCT demand response program?

3:45-4:45, Session 7B

Hannah Arnold

Maximizing Home Energy Report Savings: Who Saves the Most (and Least), and Why?

3:45-4:45, Session 7C